an artist & maker empowering people & businesses to thrive.

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I’m an artist, designer, marketer, storyteller, strategist, maker & kinda whatever I want to do-er, busy empowering people & businesses to thrive by designing, building & promoting beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences, whose work is rooted in clarity, a sense of humor, and value through effort. 

I call myself an artist because I don’t have time to explain everyone my multi-hyphenate reality. I’m a designer-marketer-storyteller-creative-director-strategist-maker-illustrator-writer-father&husband-aroyogaeverysometimesman(??)… who always hungry for new experiences and passionate about lifestyle design. Many people call me just DOVHYI, the name I usually use for my business projects and like my username. 

In addition to my personal and freelance work, I also write, host a course for creatives, and empower people to achieve their deepest desires. I'm truly interested in serving to others and creating honest, accessible, and valuable work.

I grow a beard, have tattoos and design my lifestyle.