What I'm doing now?

Stingy man pays twice

Investing money in quality things that last longer is a good investment.

Buy any Andoid phone and you'll need to replace it in 6-9 months due to inefficiency. Or buy an iPhone and use it for a few years in a row.

Buy a cheap car and fix it every quarter. Or get an expensive one and don't look under the hood for years.

Listen > Talk

The ability to listen is more important than the ability to speak.

The ability to ask questions is more important than knowing the answers.

In the past years I started learning how to listen. From what I've learned there are three levels to it:

  1. Pay attention to what is said
  2. Listen to hear
  3. Listen in order to comprehend

The last level necessitates deliberate practice.

Days off

It's OK if it's difficult at times to keep moving toward my goals. That's fine; I'm just a human. As with everyone, I have good and bad days. But the biggest distinction on my end is that I can accept my bad days and look back on them as part of my life journey. On days when I don't feel like working, I don't pass judgment on myself. I'll take better care of my body and mind, and I'll be able to generate more energy and power as a result.

Design systems workshop

Working on a presentation for my first design systems workshop (partnership with Daisie).

I'll be talking about why companies should start investing in design systems, and benefits design systems bring in the long-term game.

Official date for workshop is Apr 14, 2021.

Working on multiple articles

I love working on multiple projects, articles, and designs at the same time. I learn and work very quickly, and I get bored fast. If I had to work on the same thing for a few weeks, I wouldn't finish it because of boredom.

In design, writing or any other field with specific knowledge, you are required to move quickly, learn and adapt. Otherwise you'll be left behind.

Designing and writing is fun. Design project management and editing an article is not. That's why I always keep a few projects to work on. Once I feel that I'm not very excited about one project – I can jump into another.

New module for Base

Just published a new module for Base - Developer Hand-off. One more module is left before the wrap up of the beta. Once it's done (nearly next week) I'll sit back for a week or few to organise and implement all the feedback from students. After that, I'll launch the course with the price tag and ability to learn in group.

Finance tracker in Notion

Created a finance tracker database in my Notion. I was always stuggling with the finance tracking apps and their UX. Instead of trying new apps over time, I made a decision to build my own experience in Notion to track all of my finances: income, expenses, savings, and investments.


Another great article on meta-skills.

Skills are temporary; meta-skills are permanent.

Learning a second language is a skills. Learning how to learn new languages is meta-skill.

There are three critical meta-skills that are requried to understand our new reality, adapt out mindset and ways of working.

  • Self-awareness is much more than simply know oneself; it’s crucial to understand reality and others.
  • Creativity is not just about developing new ideas — the changing reality requires us to improvise and solve complex problems.
  • Resilience is critical to face adversity and recover from failure — discovering new solutions requires experimenting and failing more often than not.

Tools for Systems Thinkers

Reading an article Tools for Systems Thinkers. Here are few highlights that I found interesting:

  • Systems thinking requires a shift in mindset, away from linear to circular
  • Everything needs something else, often a complex array of other things, to survive
  • Synthesis is about understanding the whole and the parts at the same time
  • "There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it will be a butterfly" – R. Buckminster Fuller
  • Since everything is interconnected, there are constant feedback loops and flows between elements of a system.

Started Twitbox

Bought and started Twitbox.co. It's a Notion-based course by Alex Llull on how to build a content strategy for Twitter. I'm interested in growing audience and building products to productize myself. I started doing that with my proposals guide product which already generates some $ while I'm sleeping. I proved to myself that it's possible to make those products. Now, when I'm almost done with building Base, I will tweak the content based on student's feedback and launch it as a full product with a price tag.

Found a cool way to post tweets using Airtable automation. It's cool to be able to automate those things, I wish I had something like that for Instagram as well.

Quality time with family

Outside, it's getting hotter and hotter. The days are getting longer, and it's much nicer to be outside. We spent a lot of time outside today and then went to a park to spend the evening. Even though I don't do design work on weekends, I frequently set aside an hour or so to write or work on my personal projects, such as Base.

In that vein, I'm nearly finished with the content of the open beta course. Once the content is complete, I'll incorporate the feedback I've received throughout the course and release the final version of the course with payment options.

Data-intensive products

For the past few years I happened to work with some of the greatest companies in the world. And by accident, they all were very data-intensive. Currently I' working with the largest risk management company to deliver the brand new data table experience to their products. The problems we're solving for with the designs do not exist on Dribbble or Behance. There's no resource to get inspiration from. Instead, we study our user's behaviour, make assumptions, create designs, prototype and test with customers.

Moving Base to Podia

As I metioned previously on my Instagram page, I'm moving Base from Notion to Podia. There are few reasons why I move out from Notion, but the main is lack of automation. I still use Notion as my project management tool.

New article outline

Today I started working on a new article - 8 years of remote work. Started with outline, and gathered all my notes on remote work: lessons from previous experience, related articles, book references.