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Heating the ice

For the past 4 months, I’ve been making content for Instagram every day. For 4 months I have grown from 385 to 620 followers. It took me hours to create content, design it, find hashtags, and post. I was spending my weekends, early mornings, and late evenings working on the content. 

Then 5 days ago something happened. Overnight, I hit my first 1000 milestone. In the next few days, I already had 1900+ followers. 


Some people might tell this to be some sort of overnight success. But I rely on the “heating the ice” method.

I heard it from James Clear’s “Atomic Habits”. Imagine you have a piece of ice that you want to turn into water. The current temperature is -10°C. You add +1°C. Then you add +1°C again. And again. And again. 

Until the temperature hits 0°C the ice won’t move. But as soon as 0°C hits the ice it starts turning into the water in a matter of minutes. 

Same with any aspect of success. You have to put in the work, it might look like wasting time and energy. But what you’re doing is heating that temperature by 1°C every day.

Show up every day. Create valuable things. Try to enjoy the process. And don’t make any expectations. 

My goal wasn’t making 1000 followers. My goal was to make a post for today, then repeat it tomorrow.


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