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Words about energy

Energy is a determinant of the proper interaction of all human life systems.

The better things go in all aspects of your life, the more energy you have. The more energy you have, the better things go.

The worse things get, the less energy there is and, as a result, things get even worse.

Low energy produces poor results. Accordingly, if there is a task to create high results, you need to bring yourself into high energy, strengthen in it, act and receive new reinforcements.

A sad person does not create happy results. It is pointless to try, to be sad, to sacrifice, to suffer. All this does not lead to a result, but only helps to create excuses why nothing changes.

Everyone has an inexhaustible flow of energy, but it is blocked by the negative experiences of the past. To reach high energy, you must forget everything that did not work out. Live as if from a blank slate. Everything that was in the past is neutral information, and it doesn't determine your present and future.

You can only act out of excess energy. In other scenarios, you recreate your past.

First, create an excess of energy. Second, in that state see the future, which corresponds to that state. Third, build your days in accordance with this future.

To increase energy, you need to be able to enjoy your past, present and future. The one who does not know how to rejoice, love himself and be happy with what he has does not grow. He lives in the experience of the drama and the past, which can not be changed.

Being highly energetic, happy and with high results is the norm. Suffering is a deviation from the real self.

Energy is where attention is. Where energy is results appear. When you see the bad – you create it in your life. When you see happiness, love and joy – you increase it in your life.

You can be right or you can be happy.


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