You can improve any skill with a lot of practice

Since the beginning of the year, I started writing a short story each day. I didn’t publish from the 1st,  but those stories are available on my blog.

One of the intentions that I set for myself for this year is to develop better writing skills. As the action items for it, I was planning to include taking a course on writing and make publishing for my blog once a week.

As I was thinking more about building new skills, I started remembering how I became a designer.

For 10 out of 10 years of my experience, I’ve been practicing design almost every day.

"It isn’t 10,000 hours that creates outliers, it’s 10,000 iterations." - @naval

Then instead of publishing once a week (52 posts in one year), I decided to make a short story every day (365 posts). That is 7x more. With this approach, I will do 7x more iterations.

These stories should not be too long. I will write and experiment with story structure, outline my thoughts and life experience, share everything that bothers me.