The worst outcome in this world is not having self-esteem

The worst outcome in this world is not having self-esteem. If you don’t love yourself, who will?

I always struggled with self-esteem.

For some people, it sounds like a joke, but for me it a big deal.

I was never good enough in my own eyes.

The only way to level up your self-esteem is to act.

If you’ll be sitting around and thinking your mind will trick you into even worse thoughts.

Act, iterate, and get results. Even the smallest ones are proving that you are capable of something.

Keep iterating, keep acting.

The more actions you do, the more results you get, the more your positive self-esteem grows.

I started loving myself more when I shifted my mindset from being “goal-oriented” to “process-oriented”.

That means I appreciate the progress I make (no matter how small that is) not only the final result of my work.

This mindset shift also helps to keep me aware of the progress I make every day.