My daily routine

Ever since I began working independently from home in early 2013, I’ve found it very helpful to have a routine to guide my day. 

When my days don’t go well, it’s often because something distracted me in the morning, and I didn’t get back on track. 

Through the years these routines have been evolving and changing. Here is how my updated 2021 edition daily routine looks like:


Wake up (between 6-6:30 AM)

Read for 15 min


Chaotic dad mode (7-8 AM)

  1. Getting kids fed, dressed, and ready to school
  2. Walking the dog

Back to the desk (30 min or less)

  1. Make a cup of coffee
  2. Fill my bottle with water
  3. Check everything that happened overnight (mail, slack, etc.)
  4. Adjusting my to-do list + calendar if needed

Body-weight workout (30-45min)

  1. In most cases, it’s a body-weight (slight weight) exercises
  2. Little bits of yoga
  3. Stretching
  4. Jumping-rope

Until 9 AM I don’t do any deep work

  1. On weekends this routine usually stops at this point. On weekdays, my activities are more or less consistent.

First deep work session (90 min)

  1. Client work


Lunch break

  1. On most days I eat my lunch with my family

Second deep work session (90 min)

  1. Client work or
  2. Writing

Third deep work session (90 min)

  1. Client work or
  2. Writing

Late afternoon 

Around 4 PM I finish important work

  1. I collaborate with my teammates, clients, and mostly do all the admin work (documentation, JIRA, Slack, emails)
  2. When I have meetings, they usually start at 5 PM. When I’m not presenting anything those could be walking meetings. 


We try to have dinner not later than 6 PM

  1. 99% of the time my wife is cooking at home
  2. Once a week we try to have friends come over for dinner or we visit them

After that, we play games, spend time with the kids and my wife until bedtime around 10 PM.