Humans are made to walk

I want to walk more. I know it's healthy. I know my body and mind will benefit from it.

Remote work in lockdown has thrown on us limitations to be in public. I was already working from home for 7 years. But I was never locked at home.

6 months after lockdown I started noticing more fat in my belly area. It's not critical. I don't feel any discomfort. It just doesn't look good. I want to change it.

3 rules to bring back walking habit:

  1. Walk when I have most of my free time. Usually, it's mornings. No calls, no meetings, no Slack chats. Right before breakfast.
  2. Take kids, dog, or wife with me. Walking by myself is fine. I enjoy this time to think. It's like a meditation. But when you have someone to play or talk to - time goes faster.
  3. Have a topic to think/talk about. It will make the walk more interesting and bring more valuable ideas to the table.

Bonus: start today. I just came from a walk with my wife and getting ready to work. Clear thinking. Fresh ideas. Good mood.