How to stay focused?

In the past months, the focus became a huge privilege for a lot of people. Working from home, kids not going to school, along with the home errands makes working from home very challenging.

How to stay focused and do important things? Here are some tips that helped me:

1. Communicate focus time to your homies. I usually say something like “I need 90 min to focus. Please, do not disturb me for that time.” My wife and kids already used to hear how such words and are completely fine with me being not available for 2-3 of such sessions per day.
2. Find a place (room, corner, etc.) where you are hard to be reached. This is the reason number one why my focus room is my balcony. It’s warm, I have a desk and I can lock myself in for as long as needed.
3. Use a soundscape or other ambient music. I have used Endel, but then I figured out that Brian Eno’s Music for Airports is great for productivity, too. You can experiment with different options, but I would suggest starting with low-beats or nature sounds.

Those are the things that help me focus. What helps you? Tweet me with your opinion @dovhyi