From time to time I meet strangers on the internet and what I hear a lot is that those people are getting bored. They ask me how do I deal with boredom.

It’s some mystical state of mind and body when a person doesn’t want or have something to do.

To be honest, I have no idea what that means to be bored. I always have something to do! Whether it’s work (the thing I love doing the most in this world), family, or self-dedicated time. There’s no minute in my day when I can feel bored.

By work I mean not only the design but writing, thinking, exploring, getting inspired, and more. With family I also have no time to be bored: table games, LEGO, electronics, listening to music, even watching cartoons usually are supported by some kind of activity. When I have time for myself I read, meditate, exercise, think, write. But I’m never bored.

There are so many interesting things going on in the world. So much knowledge I can gain, so many experiences I can go through. I’m afraid I won’t have the time in my life to see, listen, or do it all!

How the hell you can be bored?

“Boredom is the enemy of progress.” I believe I heard this from Casey Neistat.