6 skills great designer should build

There is a big difference between the good and the great designer.
In this post, I outline 6 skills that in my opinion, a designer should have to be great.

A great designer:
1. Empathises
Step into the shoes of a different person, understand his deepest dreams and desires to satisfy his needs and solve the problem.

2. Communicates
Good design doesn't sell itself. If you want your ideas to be heard then learn to communicate them effectively with the stakeholders.

3. Uses feedback
Use feedback to point out how to fix the issue, improve the result, and avoid making the same mistake in the future iterations.

4. Thinks business
Design is a tool that can be beneficial for both – customers and businesses. Think with numbers to impact a business.

5. Knows principles
Trends come and go. Great design is about baking in the right principles that create delightful experiences and interfaces.

6. Experiments
The designer's job is not to know the solution to the problem, but to know how to find it. This means experimenting without fear to fail.

Let’s recap. 6 skills great designer should build:
1. Empathy
2. Communication
3. Feedback
4. Business thinking
5. Knowing principles
6. Experimenting