I'm Alex Dovhyi an award-winning multi-disciplinary designer. I specialize in creating brands and crafting digital experiences. 

Want to talk?

With over 5 years of experience, I've worked as a creative with clients ranging from small independents to large companies and designed a lot of iOS, Web & Mobile products used by thousands of people worldwide.

My mission as a designer is to help people and companies to thrive by designing human-oriented experiences for their products and transforming their brands.

In my work process, I follow the principles of simplicity, consistency, accessibility and visual aesthetics. Combining it with a human-to-product interaction makes a good product great. 

I provide clients with a valuable and meaningful brand and product experiences based on strong concepts that are designed with company’s mission and vision in mind.

I'm always interested in hearing about new projects. So if you'd like to talk, get in touch.

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